The Good Enough Diet: Where Near Enough is Good Enough to Lose Weight

At NND we often explain the problems with the ‘all or nothing’ approach when it comes to improving your eating habits and losing weight, and this is what The Good Enough Diet is all about.

The authors, an Australian dietitian and exercise physiologist, explain that the best way to approach weight loss is to forget being perfect and just focus on being good enough.  Rather than an ‘all or nothing’ approach the authors recommend aiming for something in between, which they say is good enough to help you lose weight.

The problem with trying to be perfect is that we can end up feeling like we have failed when perfect becomes impossible to achieve (and it usually is!).  So rather than focusing on getting everything right, Tara and Adam help you to work out the things that will give you the maximum results for your efforts.

The book includes sections on eating, exercise, mindset and mythbusting and also has some great practical information for managing your eating and exercise when you work long hours or travel frequently.  There are also plenty of examples of how others have succeeded at improving their lifestyle and losing weight using the ‘good enough’ approach.

Available from: all good bookshops or online at Booktopia

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