Subtitled Everyday foods with super-nutritional benefits to boost your health, this book doesn’t define superfoods as exotic products flown from around the world (think goji and acai berries) but everyday foods you will find at your local supermarket and grocer that have proven nutritional benefits.

There are recipes to appeal to all taste buds with sections including dairy & eggs, grains, pulses & nuts, veggies, seafood, lean meats, and fruit & chocolate.

Recipes are accompanied by beautiful photographs and interspersed with key nutrition information for each of the ‘superfood’ categories.  There is also a handy glossary at the end.

Labne and tomato salad with seeds, Indian-spiced quinoa cakes with tomatoes, Spinach and broccolini pasta with rocket and walnut pesto, Cauliflower and tomato gratin, Seeded pumpkin bread, and Salmon & zucchini burgers with green hummus are just a few of the recipes on offer.

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