Reversing heart disease with lifestyle changes

Heart disease is something we all need to take seriously. According to the Heart Foundation, one Australian dies of heart disease every 30 minutes - that’s 52 deaths every day. Nine out of 10 Australian adults have at least one risk factor for...

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How do I get iron without red meat?

Iron is a key component of haemoglobin in red blood cells, which transport oxygen around the body. A deficiency can cause tiredness, fatigue, lowered immunity and a reduced capacity to exercise. While red meat is an important source of iron,...

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Your Diet and Kidney Health

One in three Australians is at risk of developing kidney disease, yet most of us don’t do anything to prevent it. To celebrate Kidney Health Week, we explain how to make sure your kidneys last a lifetime.

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10 Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

Are you sick of setting your New Year’s resolution to lose weight every time January 1st rolls around? Do you start the year with good intentions, enthusiasm and the latest diet (there are plenty on offer!) but after the initial few kilos come off, motivation seems to wane, life gets busy and you find yourself back to your old habits, and your old weight, or even a few kilograms more?

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