Website Review: Healthy Food Guide

The companion website for Australian Healthy Food Guide magazine, the Healthy Food Guide website aims to make healthy eating easy and delicious, with evidence-based nutrition information and healthy recipes to appeal to all tastes and nutritional needs.

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Making Sense of Food Labels

It’s a question we get from many of our clients at NND. What exactly do all the numbers on our food labels mean and what should I be looking for when choosing which foods to put in my trolley?

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Should you quit sugar?

If you’ve been following the anti-sugar crusaders (and there are more than a few of them around!) you could easily believe that sugar is poison. But is it really, and should you be avoiding it altogether?

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The Lowdown on Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a key player in preventing chronic disease and slowing down ageing. But a bottle in your local supplement store isn’t the best place to find them! We discuss the key antioxidants in our diet and their main food sources. Are you getting these important foods in your diet?

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Lose Weight for Good: Outsmart Your Setpoint

Weight loss – it should be simple, right? Eat less and move more….and keep doing this until you reach your goal. Yet if it really is that easy, why are most of us struggling to get it right? The good news? You can lose weight, and keep it off for good, if you understand how your body works when it comes to controlling your weight.

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