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Prevent Weight Gain

If you’ve found your waistline expanding along with your advancing years, you’re not alone. With almost 2 in 3 Australian adults now overweight or obese, it seems that those who don’t gain weight are the exception rather than the rule. Despite this, it seems that most of our focus is on losing weight once we have gained it, rather than preventing it going on in the first place. And anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that it isn’t easy. Taking steps to prevent weight gain is most certainly the better option. read more

Website Review: Healthy Weight Guide

The Healthy Weight Guide is an Australian Government website aimed at providing Australians with the information they need to be able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight read more

Loving Legumes!

At NND we regularly encourage you to eat more legumes (also known as pulses). With 2016 being the International Year of Pulses, we tell you why we love this great food group and give you plenty of ideas to get started with using them. read more

Slowing Down for Your Health

If you're feeling overworked, overscheduled and are struggling to juggle all the demands on your time, forever rushing from one place to the next, you're not alone. While technology has given us an abundance of time-saving devices, it seems that we are using that time to do more and more, and our lives are more frantic and fast-paced than ever before. read more

Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Cancer Risk

Following recommended nutrition and physical activity guidelines for preventing cancer can reduce your risk of developing cancer by at least 10% and your risk of dying from cancer by around 25%, according to US researchers. read more

Rethinking Drinking

This month is Dry July, an initiative which encourages individuals to abstain from drinking alcohol for a month, raising sponsorship funds to benefit the lives of those living with cancer. read more

Top Tips for Staying Well Over Winter

Colds and flu are more common in the winter months, partly due to the fact that we spend more time indoors in close contact with others, but getting sick isn’t an inevitable part of winter. In fact paying a bit of extra attention to your lifestyle habits can go a long way towards boosting your immune system and staying well. read more

Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally

At NND we find that most people think they simply need to cut down on fat if they want to lower cholesterol levels. But there’s actually much more to lowering cholesterol levels with diet than just this. read more

Sorting Through the Nutrition Misinformation

There’s certainly no shortage of nutrition information available to us, but how do you know what to believe? As dietitians, we answer questions about this all the time – there’s so much conflicting information out there it’s not surprising many people are confused about what to eat! read more

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